Audacia Capital’s investment banking team is focused on fee-generating business activities, leveraging its extensive business network in the MENA region to provide advisory services for mergers and acquisitions as well as equity and debt capital raising.

Building on our extensive experience in originating and executing numerous mandates in the region over the past two decades, our team focuses primarily on offering value-added advisory services to companies in the mid-cap sector. Our deep knowledge of the multiple regulatory bodies across the region positions Audacia Capital as a sought-after advisor to existing and new clients. We have developed and implemented stringent policies and procedures to ensure that the appropriate confidentiality measures are in place between our investment and advisory businesses to safeguard against impropriety.

Our Approach

Audacia Capital’s investment banking methodology is driven by providing value-added services to corporate clients, initially to businesses and entities with whom we have existing relationships.

Given our high-profile track record in the region, knowledge of the issues and opportunities, and solid networks, we expect this fee income-generating business stream to become a significant contributor to our group revenues in the short to medium term.

Mergers & Acquisitions: A track record in originating innovative M&A transactions in the MENAT region has honed our technical skills to ensure that we provide creative solutions to all takeover opportunities.

Equity Capital Markets: Our extensive operating experience in MENAT combined with exposure to global capital markets ensures that we offer clients top drawer services such as IPOs, marketing, distribution and allocation of new equity issues, and derivative instruments.

Debt Capital Market: Clients looking for alternatives to equity funding are able to deploy our global relationships to source new avenues of borrowing for their businesses.